Will the SENTRY boat fender work on a jet boat?

SENTRY fenders work great on a jet boat. Here is a video of a customer review of the SENTRY fenders on a Yamaha.

REMEMBER: Be sure to push down on the foam body of SENTRY to lock it in place. Pulling the straps to the desired height is not enough. We recommend pushing down hard on the top of the fender to lock the straps and pull up on it to unlock. This isn’t demonstrated thoroughly in the video. This method is outlined in the instructions included in the SENTRY box (little yellow booklet). 

Also, highlighted in the video is the placement of the SENTRY on the middle boat cleat. This might be too high for ultimate protection, so in this particular application, we recommend placing the SENTRY on the dock cleat instead. Alternatively, during a tie-up situation, SENTRY would be great on the middle cleat. 

Here is another video that shows you different installment methods. While the boat in the video is not a jet boat, the installation methods and scenarios could still apply.