Will the DELTA or ECHO wake shapers work on a jet boat?

Wake shapers and Jet Boats

Single Engine Jet Boats

While DELTA or ECHO works very well with almost all single-engine boats, jet boats are designed to draw as little water as possible. This makes it difficult to generate a tall wave suitable for wakesurfing and dropping the handle. Additional ballast will greatly improve the height of your wave so if you are considering using a wake shaper you also need to keep in mind that you will also need a fair amount of ballast in the rear of the boat (>800lbs). If you would like to try the DELTA, we do have a 30-Day return policy so you can certainly give it a try and see what you think. Just keep in mind you will need a 5x13” smooth spot, near the waterline, as far back on the side of the boat as possible.

Also, the rider may want a longer board with more surface area. This will help them keep up with the boat.

Dual Engine Jet Boats

Unfortunately, DELTA and ECHO are not compatible with dual engine jet boats. The dual engines create a ton of turbulent wash that DELTA cannot clean up. This results in a messy wave that is undesirable to surf. Many customers have tried but none have succeeded.