Why is there no leash with the DELTA 2.0 wake shaper?

We have decided to discontinue the leash with the launch of DELTA 2.0. Instead, DELTA 2.0 now includes an insurance plan which provides a free replacement, if lost, within the first year of ownership. 

Also, DELTA does float so there is not a risk of sinking. The primary risk of loss is forgetting to remove DELTA after a surf session. If DELTA remains on the side of the hull at a high rate of speed, over 13mph, it may detach and left floating in the middle of the lake. The best way to prevent this is to place the empty storage bag, included with DELTA, on top of the dashboard of your boat when DELTA is being used. This will act as a reminder that DELTA is currently in-use. 

For the best installation of the DELTA wake shaper, and to decrease the chances of it popping off, be sure to press in on the two blue levers before rotating them down into the locked position. This fully exhausts the air and water out of the cups ensuring maximum grip.

Check out our DELTA Wake Shaper Installation Video: