What type of valve is on the MISSION REEF Mat?

Halkey-Roberts One-Way Check Valve

Both the REEF water mats and the TRIDENT inflatable stand up paddleboard are designed with the Halkey-Roberts valve (also called HR valve), a one-way check valve. It makes the inflation and deflation of inflatable items as quickly as possible because it does not let the air out while you are pumping. HR valves are the most popular valve types you’ll find on high-end inflatable items.

Halkey-Roberts valves have a pushpin (spring) inside the middle part of the valve. This pushpin has two positions:

Up Position – Inflation

You inflate the tube when the pushpin is in the up position.

In the up position, air will not escape the valve, but the valve will let you pump air into it. Simply hook a pump into the valve and inflate the REEF mat. Once you are finished inflating the REEF mat, simply disconnect the pump, and the air will not escape with the pushpin in the up position.

Down Position – Deflation

You deflate the tube when the pushpin is in the down position.

In the down position, the valve will open entirely and let the air escape rapidly. This position should only be used for deflating your REEF mat, even though you can still pump air into it in this position.

TIP: Even though air escapes quickly in the down position, having a pump with a deflation feature will suck out all of the air in no time. Check out our 120v high-volume low-pressure electric air pump.