What are the small imperfections on my SENTRY fender?

Small imperfections are an inherent part of the molding process used with the foam material we make SENTRY out of. These are completely normal and won't affect the performance of SENTRY. If there is a concern about an imperfection on one of your fenders, shoot us a picture, and we'll check it out. If it's outside of our manufacturing tolerances, we're happy to swap it out for you. After we receive a picture, we will be able to make a more conclusive assessment of the situation. 

SENTRY_normal_marks SENTRY_normal_marks_2

Cut Marks on Bottom of Foam

SENTRY fenders are fabricated from solid EVA foam and formed via an injection molding process. The injection ports are hand-trimmed once the part is removed from the mold. The functionality and durability of the fender won't be affected by the trimming, and this can be cleaned up with a sharp knife or scissors if desired.

SENTRY_tool_marks SENTRY_flow_marks