What anchor should I use with the inflatable REEF mats?

Wow, great question! Novels have been written about anchors and anchoring. We stopped at just writing a blog about anchors.

For daily anchor use with your REEF mat, we would recommend a 10 lb mushroom-style anchor. The mushroom-style anchor is much safer to use with the mat versus a fluke or plow anchor because there are no sharp edges that could cause injury to people or damage to the REEF mat, no potential to pinch fingers, and it’s easier to toss or lower down to the lake floor.

However, it does depend on our lake or river bottom. Soft bottoms work well with mushroom-style anchors, but if you have a rock or shale lake bottom, you might want to look into a plow/scoop type to penetrate the bottom of your lake better. 

NOTE: we do not recommend anchoring REEF mats overnight or leaving them unattended for long periods.