I've lost my DELTA 2.0 wake shaper, what do I do?

Bummer! Let's get you back on the water. Were you able to register your DELTA 2.0 via our website using the included serial number in the box?

Yes, I registered my DELTA 2.0:

Please submit a Warranty Claim, and we will get you started on the next steps. 

No, I have not registered by DELTA 2.0, but I have the registration card:

Do you still have your neon yellow "register now" card that came inside the box? If so, please register your DELTA 2.0 and then submit a Warranty Claim.

Registration is required within one week of receiving the DELTA 2.0 to qualify for the loss coverage plan, but if you still have that card, we will make an exception. Please send us the registration number, and we'll get a replacement order in the works. 

Lost / Not Registered Serial Number:

Proof of purchase is required to consider replacement options. If proof of purchase is not available, we are unable to provide a free replacement.

DELTA Installation Video:

Also, I'm not sure if you've seen the installation videos and tips on how to attach DELTA, but this may be helpful to prevent future pop offs.