How much does each REEF Mat size weigh to carry in the storage bag?

REEF mats are super compact when stowed, but they do carry some weight. Here are the approximate weights of each mat, including the weight of the mat and the included storage bag. These estimates are what you might experience when carrying the mat over your shoulder. They do not include the weight of pumps, shipping boxes, or repair kits.

REEF-048           --->  ~32 lbs

REEF-085           --->  ~55 lbs

REEF-112 HEX   --->  ~74 lbs

REEF-123           --->  ~79 lbs

REEF-129           --->  ~82 lbs

How to inflate, deflate, fold, and flat-roll your REEF Mat:

Watch Mark, co-founder at MISSION Boat Gear, give a step-by-step guide to everything REEF Mat. From pump options to how to properly inflate, deflate, flat-roll, and repack your REEF mat.