Can you use the SENTRY boat fenders for permanent mooring?

SENTRY fenders are designed for day-use only. They're great for rafting boats, tying up at a pier to grab food, launch the boat, or swing by a friend's cabin. In extreme weather conditions, with significant wave action, there is a slight risk the locking mechanisms can unlock.

We like to say SENTRY can handle 80% of the docking environments you'll end up at and gives you the option to place your fenders on your boat or the dock.

The ICON fender, on the other hand, fits the other 20% of docking situations when you need to go back to good old ropes and knots. These situations mainly include mooring applications. Sometimes you just need the permanence of a dock line and knot to keep things secure overnight or in really nasty weather. ICON also gives you many options for placing protection exactly where you need it. This comes in handy on pontoon boats with large flat sides. 

Here is a video that shows you different SENTRY fender installment methods and docking scenarios for day-use.